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Wednesday 10th December

The Countdown is on. Two more days then holidays.
This week we have been doing some fun Christmas activities in between prize-giving practices. All Room 3 students enjoyed the RICH reward of a swim, outdoor games and a shared lunch. Thanks to parents for providing yummy food for this.
Room 3 children have made advent calendars and each child in Room 9 was presented with their own hand-made calendar.They were thrilled and the older students enjoyed conversing with the little ones about their Christmas wishes. This was a timely reminder that Christmas is not just about getting but also the pleasure of giving. They have also made salt dough tree decorations.
Each Rimu Syndicate class was fortunate to have a lesson in stand-up water polo today and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Year 8 Graduation evening. It was amazing seeing how much the students had changed since they were new entrants and how they had grown into fine young people, confident and ready for the challenges of high school ahead of them.
The culmination of this week is undoubtedly the senior prize-giving on Thursday night. I look forward to seeing most parents there. You will be impressed by the musical and singing talents of our pupils. I hope you enjoy the entertainment and our secret special guest and join us in acknowledging the achievements of our students.
Please remember it is a half day on Friday. We shall be looking forward to discovering who our Secret Santa friend is.
Thank you to all my parents for your support and feedback throughout the year. I have enjoyed my class and have been impressed by their progress.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday 5th December

Portfolios went home today. I hope you all find that they are a true reflection of where your child is at and what they need to focus on to make progress. A lot of time and thought goes into the comments and leveling, including moderation across classes and looking at all data on each core subject.I hope you find them informative and helpful.
We have had lots of disruptions this week as we wind down but this is typical for the end of year and it will be more so next week. The children have been making advent calendars to give to a child in another class and they are beavering away on these with real purpose. I have stripped the wall displays and sent art work home. I was impressed by the standard of artwork displayed in these so hope they keep them.
The children were keen to have a Secret Santa and we have agreed to spend about $5 on a gift for a friend which will be given out on the last day.
We also have our RICH reward celebration on Tuesday so parents, a small plate of finger food would be appreciated for this. There will also be daily practices of our Prize-giving items which are shaping up well and promise to be entertaining.

A reminder for students who wish to make a Summer safety poster with one clear message such as Swim between the flags, Wear a life jacket, wear a hat, slap on sun-screen etc This needs to be done and brought to school for Wednesday when our special visitors will judge the best of the best.
Our Player of the Week was James M who has been a most reliable computer monitor and who worked really well in his Maths group this week- he was on fire..

Special workers of the term certificates were awarded to Hazel Gregg and Bradley Wheeler at our last assembly of the year.

james m 1.JPG

Monday 1st December

Room 3 students are enjoying learning braille and finding out about how it was invented.They are working well cooperatively and managing the research independently.
Today a number of children went to Rainbows End and enjoyed the rides and had a ball. This was their reward for volunteering to be Peer Mediators, Road Patrollers, receptionists and bus monitors and carrying out their duties throughout the year. The outing was paid for from money raised at Shop Day. The rest of the class went out to our tree growing unit and finished planting up seedlings, weeding and tidying up the area. Phew! I'm so glad to have that all done for the summer.

The Room 3 Grease Monkeys created an advertisement for their trolley and it has been put on Trademe. Already it has had 7 bids and the highest bid currently stands at $51. If you are keen to buy this then bidding closes on 5th December.
A reminder that our last assembly is this Friday when Workers of the Term will be announced.
Our Player of the Week for last week was Mason, for working diligently and cooperatively with his partner on topic.
Mason 1.JPG

Friday 21st

This week our survivors from the air crash were rescued and rejoined their families. There were some innovative and not very practical ways suggested for signalling to the helicopter. However one group had lost several members through being given curare as a cure for food poisoning. Curare was used as a poison on arrow tips so it was a matter of kill or cure?
The students have been presenting their mimes this week and several will share theirs in assembly on Friday.
Our class trolley is completed for the soap box derby to be held at Church View at 10am on Sunday.Please do come along to watch this exciting event.
Ours has been nicknamed the Flying Coffin for obvious reasons and it promises to be the fastest one.

Room 3's was made by Grace, Jemma, Lucy Josh and Bradley. Special thanks to Gary, our wonderful caretaker who initiated the Grease Monkeys and worked hard to procure materials and make the trolleys with the children.
It was Rimu's turn to organise assembly this week and the whole syndicate sang the Shihad song Pacifier. R3 students keela, Julia, Mason and James introduced themselves using sign language, Jemma , Olivia and Hazel presented their mimes and Rylee and Lucy introduced each item.The rest of the school were well entertained and enjoyed them.
Player of the week goes to Jacob who made a big improvement in telling time.

Trolley Derby- Sunday 23rd Nov

Check out photos of the trolley derby. What fun and everyone is keen to do it again next year. Apparently the trolleys will be sold on Trademe and funds raised will go to buying materials for next year's carts.

Friday 14th November

Wow,wow, wow! I have just been to the Franklin Jump Jam competition here at school and was blown away by the Waiau Pa teams performing to such a high standard- great costumes, clever moves, such attitude and so together - a real credit to Mrs Hughes. Well done to Hazel, Rylee and Olivia for their Thriller dance and team which came first in the Yr4-6 section. Waiau Pa has set the bar high.
What a week with the weather, and Athletics being brought forward! We did really well to get through the events in record time so that we could send in results by the end of the week. Some children qualify for North Group and have been given notices about this. Please return this ASAP with money for transport.

I had a release day today and was frantically testing all day and now am absolutely exhausted.The class was wonderful for the reliever who was impressed at the way the students gel and cooperate together and know what is expected of them. Great to hear such comments.

Friday 7th November

Gosh, another week gone! This week staff moderated the writing samples so that we are all marking to the same standard. Some children made great progress and it was pleasing to see them using longer, more varied sentences and adding descriptive detail which we had focused on in our writing lessons. However there were some children who did not transfer their skills to the assessed writing and others who made little progress. Children learn in different ways and at different rates so it is to be expected that all will not progress the same way. Some children fare better when not writing under pressure.

The students are excited about their Survival project and it generates a lot of discussion as they problem solve and research to provide background information.
For topic they have research sign language and been presenting to the class. They seem to have picked up some simple sentences quickly using signing.

I have been pleased at the progress children are making with Maths - telling time and fractions. I have included websites on the wiki pages that support what they are learning in class and encourage children to use these to test their skills with games and interactive activities for homework.

Our Athletics days are this week- Thursday - field events- from 11am and Friday for track events from 9am to lunchtime, hopefully, weather permitting and if all things run smoothly. Parents are welcome to come along to support their children and/or help with timing etc

Our Player of the Week this week was Lucy again who was nominated by her peers for taking a risk and persevering in high jump.

lucy 2.JPG

Friday 31st October

Wow! How the term is flying by. I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend break. It was certainly relaxing to get away to the beach and a change of scenery for a few days but I feel as if I am trying to do 5 days of work in four days with the shorter week.
Room 3 students are getting creative and imaginative in their problem solving Survival project- using lipstick to mark trees, finding out about the medicinal qualities of jungle fruits, collecting rainwater and building shelters in trees.They are having great discussions and arguments in their groups.
In our Maths we are learning about fractions - identifying, ordering and comparing and learning about telling time and calculating time. Time is quite an abstract concept and some children struggle with this. I have a foolproof 3-step method for telling time and the children are learning very quickly but would benefit from some practice at home too.
We have been researching about sign language and learning how to speak using signing.
We welcomed two more students to Room 3- Kirimaaku, and Jack who has returned after 2 years.
This week our Player of the Week was Kirimaaku who has settled into Room 3 quickly and easily and has already made friends. She is fitting in well into groups and cooperating with others.

There have been some incidents lately where a few children have been creating and posting youtube videos on line out of school hours. School accounts must not be used for this and it is the parents responsibility to monitor what their children are doing with their computers out of school time. Children and parents signed an agreement about internet and computer use when their computers were given to them and breaking of these rules will mean the child will have their computer taken from them. It is important to remember that we do not divulge our full names, addresses, contact details for safety reasons and that once something is out in the public domain it cannot be taken back. Only publish what you are proud to share.

Friday 24th October

This week we had a number of assessments including doing our writing samples, recounts based on a family car journey. It was interesting hearing the children share their experiences and discover that we often have little rituals and traditions on these occasions. We have started our topic work, finding out about various forms of communication and learning some of these. The students are keen to get in to our Survival communication teamwork which will see them using their communication skills to solve problems in a survival scenario- a plane crash in the middle of South American jungle.
We are developing Athletic skills in PE- discus, shot put, long jump , high jump as well as track events in preparation for Athletics Day in week 5.
Lucy was our Player of the Day for going the extra mile. She is always a willing volunteer and showed great perseverance in Athletics.
lucy 1.jpg

I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing long weekend, that the weather is fine and warm and the traffic queues not too long and slow.

Friday 17th October

Welcome back to term 4 which has kicked off with Calf Club. What a great day!. We were fortunate with the weather, the judging took no time at all, there was a fantastic turnout of parents, families and locals. I enjoyed mingling with people especially those I had not seen in a long time and also former pupils, some now with toddlers in tow!
The kids did very well with their floral arrangements on Thursday and they tidied up the mess without any nagging.
I was impressed by the projects in the Event Centre. Some children had obviously gone to a lot of trouble, using some unusual materials and adding detail. Some very ingenious ideas. Congratulations everyone on a fine effort and especially to the people who won awards.

Friday 26th September

We all enjoyed our time at Kelly Tarltons on Tuesday. We watched the stingrays and the penguins being fed, explored the tunnels, viewed the exhibits and attended a classroom session with an educator where the students learnt more about the wildlife at the aquarium. I was impressed by the knowledge that the children displayed when answering questions. Thank you to those parents who transported and helped with supervision.

KT 2.jpgKT 3.JPG


Well, the production is over and wasn't it great? The students did us proud. It was really pleasing to see so many Room 3 children participating and the production gave some children a chance to shine on stage. Great performances especially from Lucy and Josh. I hope all our parents were able to come along to enjoy the show.

We shared our topic presentations this week and some children had really looked widely to find their information and understand it. There were some well thought out Power Points and the children were very knowledgeable.
We have been finishing our narratives following The Recipe for Writing- by Children's writer Phyllis Johnston. There are some clever writers in the class and they have created some amazing stories.

This weeks star of the week is Liam while Josh was awarded Player of the Week for his fantastic performance of Redbeard in the production.


I'm sure we are looking forward to the holidays and a break especially after all the work that the production involved.

Friday 19th September

Production has taken up a lot of time this week and it will be the same next week too. I am really proud of the room 3 children who are participating with such enthusiasm and commitment. I hope lots of parents come along to see the show.Children not involved have had plenty of time to complete their research projects so I am expecting great things from them. Some children have already presented theirs as Power Points and have shown a depth of knowledge.
We were very lucky to have a director of Sea Shepherd, Michael Lawry, visit Rimu syndicate today and talk about the wonderful work of his organisation in protecting whales but also other wildlife around the world. The organisation now has 4 ships in its fleet and 40 organisations around the world. The children were engaged and asked some really good questions. Some expressed a desire to support the Sea Shepherd organisation. I feel we have learnt a great deal about whales and dolphins through our reading, research and classwork and it is certainly a topic that children are interested in.


The Star of the Week this week is Olivia, and Lucy was awarded the Player of the Week for being conscientious about working on her topic and Maths at home and for persevering to learn her lines and her role as Admiral Hornhonker in the Production.

Friday 12th September

We remade our clay faces this week and they turned out better than ever as the children knew what to do and not do. We have stored them in a safe place where they can air -dry slowly so hopefully will not crack. They look very impressive and the children are proud of their finished article.
This week has seen a lot of time given over to production practices and the show is taking shape really well.
We have some very talented youngsters and it is really rewarding to see children shine when they take to the stage or find a role at which they excel.
A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes fitting out actors in costumes, making props and painting scenery. We hope that parents and families will support this production and make the effort to come along to enjoy the show- you won't be disappointed.
Star of the week was Hazel and Olivia was awarded the Player of the Week for her great contribution in her reading group, her perseverance in Math and her enthusiasm and participation in the production and Jump Jam.

Our Jump Jam girls performed their Thriller Jump Jam dance at today's assembly. They looked pretty creepy in their stage makeup.
hazel and olivia.JPGjump jam.JPG

Friday 5th September

Purple Friday- after school teachers handed out leaflets about the Primary Teachers Unions (NZEI) stand on the National governments policy regarding education and the allocation of $350 of funding. This shows that the majority of teachers want the money to be used for reducing class sizes, teacher aides, special programmes for children with learning needs and helping families and children at grass roots level - measures which would benefit all children. Please take the time to read this and we hope you will support us and our union in pushing for the government to consult with teachers and parents and using the funding wisely to make sure children have better educational outcomes. If you would ,like more information please check out www.standupforkids.org.nz

Sadly, our clay faces have dried out too quickly and cracked so we are going to do them again. Devastating since the kids did so well and produced impressive results.
We had some students from Mauku school and Pukeoware school coming through our classroom yesterday to see how the children are using their computers. In that time Room 3 students did some amazing writing based on a video about a whale rescue. We were endeavouring to write longer, more detailed sentences, vivid descriptions and use our senses. We have some very clever writers.
The children are continuing to develop their information reports and presentations for topic. Unfortunately our topic time is often when children in the production are involved with practices so they will have to catch up and do some of their work at home.

We finished the week with a team huddle where the team members can voice concerns and say what is working well, what is not and we decide what can be done about it. As a result I have changed the seating arrangement as some people were not making responsible choices and were not focused on their work.

Rhiarn is our Star of the Week and Cullen was awarded the Player of the Week as he always willingly helps put the chairs out, cleans the tables and puts out books so we are prepared when the bell goes in the mornings. Thanks for taking the initiative Cullen- your efforts are appreciated.

Wednesday 3rd September

Room 3 students completed their 3rd piece of art for Calf Club today- a caricature face modeled from clay. Mrs Taylor, Cathy Davies and I worked with the students shaping faces and adding features and details. The kids enjoyed making funny faces with large ears, prominent noses or googly eyes. The focus was on modelling skills, joining parts on seamlessly and achieving smooth surfaces.

We have been focusing on adding detail and using better words in our writing and the students have been using some long, complex sentence structures and great descriptive words. The wrote some super descriptions of their bedrooms which certainly reflected their likes and personalities.

In Maths we are learning to use a range of strategies .for division and it is pleasing that so many children know most of their times tables as this will allow them to progress further.

We have planned a visit to KellyTarltons in week 10 to support our Deep Learning topic and a notice about this will come home this week. The cost is just for admission as transport is being subsidised, so we hope that all children are able to make the most of this opportunity.

Monday 25th August

We had our 2nd session with Bex in the Life Ed caravan today, learning about what qualities we look for in a good friend, and learning ways of solving problems when we fall out with our friends, including talking to support people.

About 6 children from Room 3 qualified to go to Group Day for Cross Country on Wednesday.While parents are keen to go along and watch, it would be great to see more parents offering to help on the day as we are expected to provide marshals, timekeepers etc and this can be difficult if nobody is forthcoming.

Our star of the week this week is Grace while Rylee is the Player of the Week for awesome work in Maths and writing, where she has been writing some great sentences as we learn to write more detailed, complex sentences.

Friday 22nd August

I was most impressed at the attitude of the class to the cross country. Everyone made a big effort and completed the course- fantastic. It was muddy, gruelling and they were exhausted at the end but what an achievement to be proud of! Thank goodness it was sunny and dry.

yr 5 boys.JPGyr 6 girls.JPGyr 5 girls.JPGmason 2.JPG

Today we had a special visitor to our class- Harold the Giraffe. He danced with the kids and there were high fives and hugs all round

Our star of the week this week was Thomas while Amy was awarded the Player of the Week trophy. Amy is always cheerful, displays the RICH values and sang with such enthusiasm at the Kids for Kids concert this week.

Wednesday 20th August

I was so proud of the children who took part in the Kids for Kids concert last night at the Pukekohe Town Hall. With Jackie Clarke as the host and a repertoire of Kiwi songs including some current songs, the concert was exciting and lively. Our children really enjoyed the experience, snag with passion and had huge smiles. The concert involved the choir as backing to the star of the show and a selection of children also sang in small groups or as solos.
Jacqui was vivacious, funny and the kids were mesmerised by her.Proceeds from the show go to the work of World Vision to help poor children in Africa. Thanks to all those parents who came along and supported their children and such a worthy cause.

kids for kids.JPG

Friday 15th August

Team 3 children are finding out some interesting information as they research and read about Whales and dolphins-how and why they were hunted in the past, how they are of special significance to Maori, that whale bone was used for corsets- do we even know what they are these days?

Our focus in writing has been to write longer , more-detailed sentences and with precise word. I'm hoping for some amazing writing based on a video clip we watched of an Orca attacking seals- very dramatic!

I was thrilled that our Year 6 Mathex A team which I had been coaching nailed the competition with 100% and time to spare, when competing against the best in Franklin on Tuesday night.
Practices for the production- Pirates of the Curry Bean are underway and some of Team students have speaking parts as pirates and others are keen to be singers and dancers.Actors need to provide their own costume which should not be too difficult-something like cut- off old trousers, striped top, a bandanna and perhaps an eye patch or beard.
Next week is the rehearsal and performance of the Kids for Kids concert. It would be wonderful to see as many parents as possible supporting this. The proceeds go to a worthy cause-World Vision and you will want to see your children performing if they are involved. I know from experience that the experience gives them a real buzz and they always remember it.I am looking forward to see pour students in action and seeing Jackie Clarke in the lead role.

Our cross-country race is on Thursday afternoon from about 2pm after the seniors have run theirs. Children must be in a change of clothes, with appropriate footwear and bring a drink bottle. I have been impressed by the perseverance and growing endurance of the children in training for this.

Star of the week this week was Jordan while Player of the Week was Keela. She always settles to work quietly, consistently does her homework, is helpful, and shows our
RICH values

Friday 8th August

This week we had some class members out at the Franklin Schools Netball tournament. Though they did not feature in the top placings they all enjoyed the experience and there was positive feedback about their performance and the sportsmanship they displayed on and off the court.
In Friday we had the Big Reveal where our secret friends became known. Since our focus this term is Caring, we decided to each have a secret friend to whom we showed caring and kindness- a smile or greeting, a kind deed or a small gift. It has been lovely having little surprises appear out of nowhere but best of all everyone managed to maintain the secrecy. Well done Team 3.
It was Rimu's assembly this week and students from Room 3 shared their narrative story about a water drop called Wai and his journey through the water cycle. Well done those students- you read your pages really well.
Star of the week was Jemma and Daniel was awarded Player of the Week for being a quiet and conscientious student.

jemma and dan.JPG

Friday 1st August

Friday night was disco night. The theme was Fire and Ice, Good and Evil though children could pair up and dress as opposites.
It was great to see so many Room 3 children there and especially those who took the trouble to dress in costume. Most original costumes were surely Olivia and Rylee who went as Sweet and Sour. Though it seemed quite chaotic, the children appeared to have a good time and were wired after consuming lots of sugar laden sweets and chocolate. Many thanks to the PTA for organising the event and going to so much effort to decorate the Event Centre- it was spectacular and there should be some amazing photos taken by the resident photographer. Unfortunately most of the one s I took with my ipad were too dark.

This week Jotty was our Player of the Week because he is always on task , tries his best, made some pleasing progress in his target group and because he is always a willing helper. Hazel was our Star of the Week where class makes make positive affirmation about the chosen person. Well done, guys. you are awesome..
jotty 1.JPGhazel.JPG

Wednesday 30th July

How exciting! We were fortunate to have some of the Steelers rugby players visit our school today which created a bit of a distraction. This was the prize for several of our senior students winning a poster competition. Adam and John came into Room 3 and joined in with the children doing a quick write about a theme park ride. While the p[layers were well behaved and settled to work quickly, I reckon our kids held their own when it came to the writing. The children shared their writing with them and then they joined in with our Sky Tower run, our preparation for cross country. At lunchtime they obligingly signed autographs for a horde of admirers, before participating in games of tackle rugby. Check out our photos.
st e.JPGst a.JPGst c.JPG

st d.JPGst b.JPGst f.JPG

st g.JPGst h.JPGst i.JPG

Friday week 1

Team 3 enjoyed the whole Science Roadshow experience which included hands-on activities as well as two 'shows" with a range of experiments designed to show the characteristics of living things and to also show the properties of gases. It included loud bangs and explosions, a rather gory small intestine and a pile of poop- all the things kids love!!! Special thanks to Mason, Keela and James who had the special role of 'Explainer' for some of the experiments.
1 Hollie.JPGBrad RS.jpgjulia RS.jpg
lucy.JPGolivia RS.jpgRS children.JPG

Some children have speaking parts in the production and will now need to be working on learning their lines and practise getting into role for rehearsals.
An enthusiastic group of children from our class are practising for the Kids for Kids choir. It is pleasing to see so many Room 3 children making the most of these and other extra-curricular opportunities.

We have been focusing in our writing on using better words, longer sentences and vivid descriptive words. We used a video clip as a stimulus and the children worked collaboratively to write a short quality piece of writing. Ask your child to share theirs with you on their computer. They were proud of the results.

Th students composed their research question for our topic and we will be developing research skills in class for this.

This weeks Player of the Week was Liam who always works conscientiously in class and reliably always completes his homework

Liam RS. 1jpg.jpg

Week 1 term 3

I hope everyone enjoyed the break despite the cold and miserable weather at times. I found it was a good time to catch up with family and friends and plan for the next term. This will be a busy term with cross country and especially production which I am hoping lots of Room 3 children will want to take part in. There is also the Kids for Kids concert, and the Life Ed. caravan. In week one we have the Science Roadshow which will be based at our school so an ideal opportunity for us to explore some science with hands-on activities.


This is also the time children should be preparing for Calf Club- getting their animals and training them and caring for them. Gardens should be well underway and it would be advisable to plan carefully for projects and not leave these to the last. Please keep your Calf Club booklets in a safe place as this holds all then information you need to know about rules, care of animals etc

We will be studying Whales and Dolphins for our topic this term with the emphasis on developing research skills.

Last term Mr Williams introduced Achievers certificates which give students recognition for outstanding achievement in service to school, academic, sport and culture. This is something special for students to aspire to. It would be great to see students setting goals and really trying and persevering to achieve them.

Friday 4th July

A special assembly was held today to recognise achievement over the term.
Our Worker of the Week was Hollie who is always so reliable, consistent with homework, keen to learn and gets on conscientiously with her work.
Our Workers of the Term were Liam and Emma, both diligent students who have consistently given of their best.
Lucy , Bradley and Keela were recognised for their service to the school as Road patrollers or Peer Mediators. I have been so impressed by my year 6 students who have these responsibilities as they are always there and ever ready to step in when someone is away. Well done all of you. You are amazing!

Parent interviews on Tuesday afternoon and evening were a great opportunity to inform you all of your child's progress and to share any concerns. I hope you found them informative and helpful too.It was good to finally put a face to the name as I had not met some of you before. It would be appreciated if outstanding portfolios were returned as soon as possible. A few parents did not make it to interviews. If you would to meet with me please make an appointment after school one day early in term 2.

This week we are completing our performance tasks and pulling together our new knowledge about water to make posters and pamphlets.
Last week we wrote a fantastic narrative based on the water cycle and hope to illustrate it, publish it into a book and present it to another classback. I'm sure they will enjoy it. It sure was a fun way of showing our understanding of the water cycle.

On Thursday morning Lucy brought her cat, Cheeky, into class. We had heard a lot about her when Lucy shared her news and she is a playful, inquisitve character. We also had a shared morning tea as we had so much food last week we kept some back.


Auditions are underway for the speaking parts in next term's production, The Pirates of the Curry Bean which promises to be a humorous and entertaining show. Children who want to be part of this, and I hope a lot of Room 3 children will, need to listen out for notices and make sure they show up when called.

It would be appreciated if permission slips and money for the Science Roadshow was returned as soon as possible so they don't get forgotten about. This year it will be based at our school so there is no transport cost involved this year.

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday break and that the weather is kind to us all.

Wednesday 25th June

Today we enjoyed a shared lunch- pizza, cheerios, scrolls, sausage rolls, biscuits, fudge- lots of yummy food to farewell Chrizanti and Natalia who are moving to other areas and also Grace who is heading for Paris and Provence with her family. We wish them all the best in their new homes and schools and will look forward to hearing all about grace's travels when she returns.
Thanks to parents for providing the delicious food for our lunch.

In our topic we have been learning about how water is treated and now the students are going to see who can produce the cleanest water by using different materials to filter dirty water in an experiment. Next week we will be pulling together all our knowledge to fulfill the performance task. We are working together to write an entertaining narrative based on the water cycle and the kids are motivated to write since we will have a real audience as we will publish it and present it to Room 5. I have been impressed at the way the students are taking on board a range of strategies for adding and subtracting numbers and several groups learned the old-fashioned way of algorithms.

Parent interviews are being held next week on Tuesday 1st July from 1.10pm through to 7pm. Please go online ( see the newsletter) or contact the office to book your appointment. First in , first served so please don't leave it to the last. i would love to meet with all of you to discuss your child's progress.

Friday 20th June

The class was a sea of blue today as children were dressed in blue mufti in support of Tara Remington who is rowing across the Pacific to raise money for a little girl who suffered from meningitis when she was a toddler and had to have her limbs amputated. Charlotte has to have ongoing surgery and new prosthetics as she grows older.
blue.JPGphoto 2.jpg
We had a great session planting up tiny seedlings on Thursday afternoon and the class worked really efficiently and with awesome teamwork to complete the job in record time.
We have been writing some fantastic poems this week about the water cycle and the students have shared these on their wiki pages. Our writing focus is to add detail and use more precise words. We have been learning where our water comes from in our topic. Children need to bring a large soft drink bottle cut in half for next week.
This week the Player of the Week award went to Bradley because he always tries his best, is always cheerful and he readily volunteered to do an extra road patrol duty when someone was away. Well done Bradley.

Next week we have 3 students leaving, two who are shifting elsewhere and one who is travelling overseas. We would like to have a shared lunch on Wednesday to farewell them. We would appreciate it if each child was to bring a small plate of food suitable for sharing.

Tuesday 10th June

Well winter has set in and brought the wet weather with it, the first heavy rain for quite a while.Invariably that also means the winter coughs and colds and I have been one of the first to succumb to these.
external image rainyday.png

Last week saw lots of Rimu children participating in the Franklin Schools soccer tournament. The children, many of whom were new to the game, enjoyed the day and by all accounts showed sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Did you see the photos in the local paper, featuring some of our students including James on the front page?

James vip.JPG We decided that James should be treated as a celebrity since he featured on the front page of the County News. The students were keen to be his body guards and paparazzi and he was given a number of privileges.
The children not involved with this tournament did a great job of potting up seedlings in our tree-growing unit. We had quite an assembly line going and made great progress until we ran out of potting mix.

This is a busy time for teachers as we are all flat out doing assessments, reports, and data entry to update portfolios.If we seem tired you might understand why.

We are progressing with our topic studies and learning about the water cycle. We did an experiment today in response to a good question from Hazel. How come our drinking water doesn't taste salty if it has been evaporated from sea water?

In our reading groups we have been learning about forms of water, how water is used in other countries, erosion by water and where our water comes from.

As part of this week's homework the students have a water diary to fill in about water usage at home. Parents, might like to lend a hand with this so that data is as accurate as possible.

Last week the Player of the Week trophy was awarded to Olivia McNeil who was such a keen helper and worked hard doing the tree planting session. Olivia has also been making great strides in her maths

Tuesday 4th June

I hope everyone enjoyed the long Queens Birthday weekend,the last public holiday for about 5 months.school finals
At last speeches are over and we can breathe a sigh of relief. Congratulations to all the finalists and well done to Emma who came 3rd in the Year 5/6 school finals with her speech on the Kiwi.

Friday 30th May

What a full-on week we've had with all the ' extra ' activities! The week concluded with Rimu speech finals- well done to Keela and Emma for getting through to the school speech finals to be held next Wednesday.- and Grand parent Day in the afternoon. This saw a wonderful turnout of grandparents from near and far who were shown around the classroom , and book fair. The children shared their learning on computers, talked about classroom routines, and displays and played games or shared books. After a cuppa the oldies were entertained by musical and dancing items in the Event Centre. The standout performances were from the Jump Jam teams- amazing- such synchronization, and enthusiasm.

gp 1.JPGgp 2.JPGgp 3.JPG

gp 4.JPGgp 5.JPGgp.JPG

What an amazing line up of book characters we had in school on Wednesday- Harry Potter, the wimpy kid, geeks, Robin Hood and Catness from Hunger Games to name a few. Some children went to a lot of trouble while for others onesies are a quick solution. Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion to mark the beginning of our Book Fair. Do come along at the times when the library is open to view and hopefully purchase some books.

book char.JPG

Just had a great day out with the 2 year 5/6 hockey teams at Pukekohe Hockey turf where they competed against about 6 different schools. Waiau Pa students showed a great attitude, good sportsmanship and gave it their best shot. We were well beaten but the players came off in good spirits and I was particularly proud of our beginner hockey players who did so well, considering they had only had about 3 hours coaching! Superb effort, team.

This week Team 3 students presented their speeches. I have been impressed with the standard of the speeches especially as it is the first time some students have written a persuasive speech.All the students completed their speeches and everyone stood up in front of the class to deliver them. Well done Team! Check out your child's wiki page for a video of his/her speech and judge for yourself.
Congratulations to Keela, Natalia, Emma and Rhiarn who were chosen to go forward to the Rimu syndicate finals on Friday.

The Player of the Week award went to Grace who always takes care in her work, always trying her best and working conscientiously. Grace presented an awesome speech too.

Friday 23rd

The Player of the Week trophy was awarded to Julia this week. Julia always applies herself quietly and conscientiously to tasks, she works independently and has written her speech entirely on her own and she takes a pride in her work.

We have worked hard this week on our speeches and expect to present these next week. We have had a tight time frame to work to but we are nearly there. Phew!

Tuesday will see our two hockey teams competing at the Franklin Schools tournament at Pukekohe. Good luck to our players.. Remember shin pads, mouth-guards,suitable shoes, food, drink, warm clothes and of course, bring a positive sporting attitude.

With Book Fair kicking off mid week this coming week, we are having a 'dress up as a book character' day on Wednesday so dig out your box of costumes and dress up clothes.

With Grandparents afternoon on Friday I hope that we have a wonderful turn-out of grandparents so please invite them along.

Tuesday 20th

I am really impressed with the way the class applies themselves especially in Maths. It is so rewarding when students 'get it'. Two groups are learning the strategy of tidy tens and have a good handle on how to use it. So good to see faces light up and kids say"that is easy" when they know they can do it. Similarly with my other two groups they have learnt a new strategy and now find that easy too.

Team 3 children did some hard labour today planting our carefully-nurtured native trees on the Walker property on Saddleton Rd. We spent about 1 1/4 hours digging holes and bedding in young flaxes, Coprosmas, cabbage trees and manukas on the steep slopes of a gully which had a small stream running through it. We saw the trees from last year's planting which are coming along nicely. The afternoon session was topped off by a delicious barbeque lunch courtesy of the Walkers before we walked back to school hot, sweaty and tired. A job well done. Special thanks to Mark Ballantyne and Adrian Cook, our parent helpers who added some manpower.


At present we are working hard on our speeches. Due to pressures of time, students need to be working on these at home as well as in school so it is part of their homework and that has accordingly been trimmed back. They will be expected to present their speeches next week in time for the Rimu syndicate finals on Friday morning. The school finals will be the following week. The children have chosen some interesting topics from Scouts and Guides to Miley Cyrus, animal testing and plastic bags.


Next week the hockey team will be participating in the Franklin Schools hockey tournament. I have been impressed at the way the beginners are developing their skills and hope they will enjoy competing next week.The more experienced players have been great coaching buddies in our PE sessions. Thanks to those parents who have offered transport and who have returned the permission slips and transport fees. We would appreciate these being sent in before the end of the week please. Players will need a mouthguard and shin pads ( long socks with a piece of cardboard tucked inside will suffice) and suitable footwear- not boots.

Kia Ora

Last Friday at Assembly some Team 3 students presented an item to the school, sharing our learning of Maori greetings. They remembered their greetings and responses well and acted their parts well. Well done to Lucy, hungry Olivia, angry James, happy Rylee, tired Jotty, sad Hazel, feeling fine Jemma.


The inaugural winner of the Player of the Week trophy was James Hooper who confidently shares his ideas and learning, has a positive disposition, perseveres with his work

and who showed leadership skills during PE. Congratulations James.

Thursday 15th

Another busy week, this time with some extra activities thrown in. This morning the students learnt some soccer skills with a couple of European lads using a large blow-up soccer pitch. This was a promotional exercise and children received flyers to take home about a course of soccer lessons to be run after school.

soccer 1.JPGsoccer 2.JPG

soccer 3.JPGsoccer 5.JPG

Notices have gone home this week about the forthcoming soccer and hockey tournaments. We will require offers of transport to and from hockey as we have only two teams going so this does not warrant a bus, unlike soccer. Please let us know if you can help also if you would like to help manage a team or umpire.

On Tuesday each Rimu class will walk to the Walker property on Saddleton Rd to plant the native trees we have grown as part of trees for Survival. If there are any parents willing to come along and get their hands dirty, please join us.We will also be able to see how plantings from the past 2 years have developed.
Children will need to bring warm clothes and gumboots or suitable footwear as they will get dirty.

Room 3 children have been learning Maori greetings and will be presenting a short item in this week's assembly demonstrating these.

I was thrilled that a good number of Team 3 children signed up for the Kids for Kids Choir. They will learn the songs in school and then perform them at the Pukekohe Town Hall early next term in a gala performance with well-known singer Jacqui Clark, along with choirs from other Franklin schools. This is an exciting opportunity and the kids get a real buzz from it.

I have introduced a new award to the class- Player of the Week trophy for the pupil who demonstrates the team values and RICH values and Powerful Learner traits.

trophy.JPG Team 3 will decide together on a Friday who is deserving of this award

Welcome back to term 2

I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Easter/Anzac break before the temperatures dropped and the more usual weather for this time of year set in.
This will be a shorter term but there will be lots happening- speeches, tree planting, sports tournaments, golf lessons, Grandparents Day, ending with portfolios going home and parent/teacher interviews towards the end of term. So busy, busy, busy!

Thursday 8th May
I have been impressed at the way the Team 3 students have settled back into work and routines this week after the holidays. The kids seem pleased to be back at school and enthusiastic about their learning.

reading 1.JPGreading 1.JPG

The whole school held a short but respectful ANZAC service on Tuesday afternoon and Mark, from Drop In gave a moving and insightful presentation about the involvement in the war of a distant relative. It was easy to understand and informative and his photos made it more personalised.
On Thursday Rimu classes had their first of three golf lessons by a team from Orange Monkey Golf, including a former pupil, Leonard Powell. I taught him as a year 4 pupil and now he is all grown up and a golf instructor and national player! The children will be working on skills and agility, coordination and balance. If they are interested in taking up golf, the local club welcomes junior members and offers coaching. Who knows? We might have some future high-earning golf pros in our midst!

golf 1.JPGgolf 2.jpggolf 3.JPG
golf 4.jpg
golf 5.jpg
Assuming the golf posture- knees bent, bottom out.
Warming up

This term Rimu students will elect to play either hockey, soccer or touch and will need to bring a change of clothes for this.We will be developing skills and game know-how in preparation for upcoming tournaments.
This half term, we are focusing on persuasive language and writing our speeches. Some of this will be done in class and some expected to be done at home. Please talk to your child about this and guide them but please do not write it for them. I have made a page on the class wiki with pointers about writing speeches which I hope will be helpful. This week the students need to have decided on their topic and can start doing some research.
I have changed the way we do spelling as I found so many did not know the Essential words- high frequency words that crop up all the time in writing.I now pretest and the children make their lists from their corrections. They will need to know all the words in each section before moving up to the next group so it is imperative that the students learn their words as part of their homework.
We have made a start on our topic- Sustainability- Water as a precious taonga. We recorded our previews and put these on our wiki pages. In our reading of topic-related journals we are learning about how water is used and viewed in other countries and the water cycle.

Tuesday 15th April
Two more days before the Easter holidays. Yay!. I' m sure we are all looking forward to a break after such a long term.
It was great meeting parents this evening at the Share My Learning evening. The children were most enthusiastic about showing parents around our classroom, showing off their work in books, on computer and on display and explaining our class values and behaviour management system.I appreciated the positive comments and feedback from parents too.
This week we are celebrating those children who have consistently maintained fantastic behaviour with a movie or digital entertainment session on Thursday morning. We will also be celebrating those outstanding children who have shown a positive attitude to their learning and displayed the RICH values at the Workers of the Term assembly on Thursday afternoon.

Have a wonderful Easter break, and enjoy some relaxing family time everyone.

photo.JPG1smle.JPGsmle 2.JPGsmle 4.JPG
smle 6.JPGsmle 7.JPG

Wednesday 9th April


I have been most impressed with the way the class is working so conscientiously at present. Everyone did their homework last week so we enjoyed a class game of T-ball as a reward.
Thank you to all those parents who responded to the survey. I really appreciated your feedback and it was affirming to have such positive comments. I surveyed the children about homework too and it would seem, while a few would understandably prefer no homework at all, they found it to be manageable and they could do it largely on their own.
This week we are finishing off our topic and will be starting our performance task. We have been writing explanations to tell a gadget works and these are coming along well.
We are looking forward to meeting you all next week at the Shared Learning evening on Tuesday evening from 4-7pm.

Thursday 3rd April
The nights are drawing in, i'ts a little colder in the mornings but the fine weather is still here and the term is almost over.
A good time to reflect on what's worked well(and what hasn't) and to celebrate our achievements.

Team 3 students are enjoying learning new strategies in Maths and adding new "tools to their toolbox".
We have just completed our camp snippets, describing one of the camp experiences and are now learning to write explanations, which describe how something works. I have conference with all the students about their next steps in writing so now they have new goals to improve their writing. The students are enjoying the articles we are studying in reading, broadening their knowledge and developing their note-taking and summarising skills.

This morning Team 3 students attended the Eli Sharplin art workshop where they learnt how to do landscape drawings- how to use perspective and scale, how to compose he drawing and how to use shading to add depth. I'm sure all the children were proud of their efforts and their"masterpieces"

art1.JPGart 2.jpg

Friday 28th March
What a great turnout we had of pupils dressed in red to support Blood Cancer today. Then there was the lunchtime spectacle of watching some brave students and staff members having their heads shaved for the cause. Mr Dean is looking pretty smart with his number 2 and devon Sawyer from Kauri sacrificed her lovely long blonde hair.


hair too.JPGphoto.JPG

Today we started our rotation of sports in PE with some children training for the Rippa tournament while others had lessons in tennis with a professional coach, and cricket. This will continue until the end of term.

This morning Team 3 had a team huddle- it's what you do when you play in a team. It's the time to reflect on what his working well and make suggestions for improvements. Fortunately the feedback was very positive though we had a few issues to discuss and there were helpful ideas about how we can make team 3 operate even better.

Saturday 22nd March


Wow! What a wonderful, full-on four days we had at camp!. The weather was perfect, we were well fed, the students were well-occupied and challenged and we had a marvellous group of parents who eased our load and did a great job of supervising the children. Thanks to those special parent helpers, and to all those parents who helped with transportation.
We were impressed by the children's enthusiasm and determination in persevering with achieving their goals, often pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. They enjoyed a wide range of activities-from team building and problem solving, a tramp to Hunua Falls followed by a refreshing dip, teetering along a high cable or leaping from a high platform to getting down and dirty in the muddy confidence course. we enjoyed a campfire, a concert with skits followed by pancakes for supper, a long, bumpy water slide and kayaking and raft-building.

No doubt all campers will need a good sleep-in and a relaxing weekend to recover.

There is a bin bag full of lost property which needs to be claimed- some of it wet and smelly! Please make a point of checking this if your child has come home with missing gear.
I have made a new page called camp 2014 where you can see a selection of photos from camp. Enjoy!

Wednesday 12th March
I have been impressed by Team 3 and their positive attitude to learning. They are very responsible about coming prepared, homework is generally done and the students are very focused on their work, surprising me with their computer diagrams, note-taking and mapping during reading activities, their willingness to write especially collaboratively, and their interest in the topic. What a great team we have in Room 3!
At present we are learning how to write snippets- short recounts focusing on a moment in time, how to identify main ideas and key words in explanations in reading , developing our number knowledge, and concluding our unit on Statistics in Maths.
They have been enjoying art with Mrs Taylor. They have completed their illuminated letters for their portfolio covers and are now exploring line patterns towards creating a new piece of art.


Recently I set up a behaviour management system within Room 3 which we call our Ladder of Success, a variation of the green card system, in preference to using a Class Dojo which I had planned to use. Children move their name up or down the ladder depending on their behaviour and I now use a coloured card rather like a referee since we are a team, to denote that a person's name should be moved. As a class we negotiated what consequences or rewards there should be. Like the green card system the aim is to stay on green card, or move up the ladder.If they are moved down they can redeem themselves with expected behaviour. Ask your child if they have stayed on the green step of the ladder.

Ladder of Success.jpgphoto.JPG

Monday 10th March

Conservation group children and invited guests were treated to a delicious lunch which the children had prepared themselves from the vegetables and fruit they had grown in their gardens. Yummy corn fritters, vegetable quiche, fresh tomatoes, fried rice, potato and kumara chips and tasty plum and custard tart were on the menu. This was a great reward for the hard work that the children had put into their gardens.What a feast!

DSC05620.JPGphoto (94).jpgphoto (95).jpg

photo (97).jpgphoto (100).jpgphoto (96).jpg

6th March

Here is a selection of photos from Rimu's swimming sports. I apologise for the few that are the wrong way round but I couldn't fix that.

Rimu held their swimming sports today amid fine weather- real hot if you weren't in the shade so I'm sure the students appreciated getting wet to cool off.
There was a competitive spirit and great house support, encouraged by house leaders. Thanks to those parents who came along to support their children.
Camp plans are well underway now. There wasn't a big turn-out for the camp meeting on Wednesday evening so assume everyone is satisfied and have no queries. Please keep the forms and fees coming in. These need to be in by Thursday of next week so we can finalise numbers and details, please.

We started Milk in Schools today. We watched a funny video which demonstrated how the cartons have to be folded for recycling. I was rapt that so many children took up the offer of free milk. Not many things are free these days without strings attached!

Gosh how things have changed since I was at school when the Government of the day introduced a similar scheme. I lived in a dairy farming area where the children consumed plenty of milk. Our milk was often tepid after sitting in the school letterbox all morning, it came in bottles and was often tipped around the bushes in the garden because it tasted so foul. The best thing was the cocoa that the PTA made with the milk during the cold winter months then we would queue up with our enamel mugs for a hand-warming brew.

1st March-beginning of Autumn!
I am very aware of the short time left before camp and the mountain of work to be done beforehand. It would be most helpful if forms and fees can be returned as soon as possible so we know numbers attending.Thanks to all those parent who offered to be camp helpers. Parent helpers have been selected and informed- sorry if you missed out but we had more offers than we required.

A notice will be going home this week asking for offers of transport and notifying parents of a camp meeting on Wednesday evening. This is an opportunity to inform you about camp and answer questions especially if it is the first time you have children going to camp. Parents need assuring too. I will also send out the gear list so parents can start getting stuff together. This gives you time to borrow a sleeping bag if you don't have one or buy suitable walking shoes if necessary. Supportive comfortable walking shoes will be needed for the tramp and these need to be worn in if new.

external image Camp%20Adairv2.JPG external image Camp%20Adair%20-%20Services%20and%20Facilities.jpg

Mrs T, Mr Dean and Mrs Williams in action--yeah right!

This morning the 3 Rimu teachers went out to Camp Adair to do a recce and suss out the tramp route. Can't wait - it promises to be a challenging and exciting time! An interesting fact- Camp Adair has been in existence for almost 100 years!
Hope to see you at the meeting.

24th Feb

I introduced a competition at assembly for a bit of fun. Girls with long hair are encouraged to style their hair to look like fake facial hair or 'ladybeards'- apparently a new craze that has taken off with photo sharing on the internet. Entrants are to style their hair at home or at school and take a photo which they should email to me. Jemma and Hazel modelled their attempts in assembly.
photo (37).jpg photo (38).jpg

Our new furniture has finally arrived and Team 3 students are most excited about having group tables. We shall be able to change seating arrangements and layout more readily. The students particularly like the bright red stools around the 'jelly bean table' which will be used for group instructional teaching. Parents, please feel free to pop in before or after school to check the new furniture out.

By the way, I am available between 8.30am and 8.55am. before school ( except Tues and Friday) and after school (except Tuesdays) if you want to touch base with me or have a brief meeting.
photo (36).jpg photo (35).jpg photo (34).jpg

photo (31).jpg photo (30).jpg
Teamwork in action

Monday 17th Feb
Last week was topped off by our inter-house tug of war. There was a wonderful atmosphere as children , dressed inn their house colours, put their muscles to the test on the end of a rope.Lots of cheering and chanting, great sportsmanship and everyone getting into the spirit of the competition.

Tuesday 11th Feb
I hope you all enjoyed Waitangi Day and made the most of the beautiful weather. It was great having a 4 day week and gradually easing back into work after the long break.

In Room 3 we are starting to work in our reading, spelling and maths groups. It takes a little while before the students get used to different ways of doing things and learning to use Google Docs. The older children have been great at helping the younger students especially with ICT and I have been amazed how quickly they are responding and picking things up. They are really showing the team work we aspire to. There have been a few glitches with Google Docs and user names but I think we have them sorted now.

Yesterday the students had a fun session learning fielding, catching and batting skills for cricket.We braved the pool this morning and worked hard on our swimming skills. I have been impressed at the standard of swimming and the keenness of the students especially first thing in the morning., willing to take a risk.
We made a movie of role plays that show what our class values look like.

Wednesday 5th Feb

It was a pleasure to meet parents at the Meet the Teacher evening this week and I hope you found it helpful to learn about the opportunities, expectations and routines now that your child is in Rimu. Letters are being sent out about our class. In order to keep the communication going between home and school, please email me with your email address.

The students in Room 3 have settled in really well and are eager to learn and please. They have all registered to be members of Team 3. We will be promoting our team values and rewarding students who display and practise them. We have been getting to know one another during the first weeks of term- what an awesome bunch of students we have!

All the children started Music this week and have begun learning how to play the ukulele.

We have had a few teething problems with doing homework online. Students need to go to File and Make a copy which they then save into their Homework folder on Google Docs. It is pleasing that so many children have their own netbooks. I'm sure they will be experts in no time.

We are TEAM 3 and our motto is Together Everyone Achieves More


We have identified a set of values and principles that will help us to work together to make
the most of learning opportunities and gel as a class.