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Reflection 7-11-14

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Reflection 24-10-14
last week we had Calf Club and I had a chicken.
My chickens name is Precious and I got a first in
my trick and her coming to me, another first for my
chicken diary and a third for my relationship with
her. For 2 weeks I went to the school and trained
my chicken in the area of where the chickens were
on Calf Club so she could get used to the area.

Reflection 26/9/14
This week we had a trip to
Kelly Tarltons we saw TWICE
someone from Kelly Tarltons
feed feed the Short tailed Stingrays
their names were Phoebe,Polly and
Penny.The biggest one was Phoebe
and the part I thought was funny was
when the stingrays jumped on the
person for food.

reflection 12/9/14
This week we did our clay art work again
because from last week the faces cracked :(
but this week I think I was better than last time
then I was last.

This week we had our times table and it was 7
and so far I have got my 2,3,4,5,6,7 all correct.

5/9/14 reflection
Today I was so silly I thought it was mufti day
and odd shoe day (which is on the 12th not the 5th)
and when I went to school everybody was in their uniform
and I got the date wrong because my brother also dressed

This week we did our clay faces and my mum came in because
she is an artist and they failed and cracked.

reflection 29/8/14
my favorite thing this week is that we went to life ed
and that was fun

This week I am proud of these long sentences I've
made and these are one of them

Emma Davies the 10 year old girl , who plays for Waiau Pa Netball team, is doing a knockout tournament in the weekend,because their the second in the grade.

reflection 22/8/14
This week it was cross country on Wednesday
and I got eighth place out of 17 year 6 girls.

This week I have started to do link up writing
and I am proud of that.

Today we had our times table test and I got 12/12
and it was my three times.

reflection 14/8/14
Next week will be cross country and I can't wait.
I'm getting better at my algebra patterns and algebra.
I'm really enjoying my topic research about whales we
had to come up with a question that we wanted to know
about whales and research about your question .

Here is my story bird about caring.

reflection 1/8/14
This week we have started doing our S.T.R (sky. tower. run)
because this term we are doing our cross country.

This week we have also learnt a trick in maths.For 11x there is a trick like lets say
you were doing 11x32 you use the 32 then to work it out you add the three and the two
fro the 32 so thats 2+3=5 then you will put the 5 in the middle of the two and the three so it looks like this 352
then thats it.

term 3 goals properly don't miss out little words while reading
read longer than 15 minutes more like 30 minutes

2.Use more describing words while writing

27-6-14 reflection
This week I am proud coming near first place in
a water project that you had to use materials. You
had to put the materials in a bottle and we had mucky,chunky
water and the materials that you chose had to clean the water

water cycle poem

sun heats,

oceans glisten,

vapour lifts,

clouds collect,

droplets plummet,

lakes flow,

rivers glisten,

streams rush,

oceans receive,

sun shines.

The boiling hot golden sun heats like a burning fire ,

On the colossal ocean to make it sparkle and shine ,

When the invisible vapour rises like a ghost ,

The puffy candyfloss clouds collect the ghostly vapour,

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3PWQMCs1CAk9vS-C7cwtKSWEyeFHPTlg1soZt2Eca2f7UmXA5nA

When droplets plummet to the ground like a meteor,

The peaceful calm lakes flow gently and softly,

A running river glistens like a jewel,When streams rush to the ocean,

And the oceans receive the fresh water

The gigantic warming sun shines and it happens again and again.

reflection 13/6/14
I am proud of this week that I got player of the week. So I earned a certificate and a trophy that says "Team 3 player of the week. This week I learnt about how you say colours in Maori. I need improving on

reflection 6/6/14

This week I learnt about geometry and right,acute and obtuse angles and how to describe
2D shapes better.I really enjoy this week was playing my soccer tournament our team won
3/6 games I was in the grade a team.Something I found challenging was doing my speech

  1. This week I persevered with my speech. My speech is why we should save the kiwi I now just need to put them on to cue cards and need to practice it and then I am done. The speech has to be read out on Monday next week.

  2. The hardest thing this week was is that I am trying to urn my pen licence I think I am now so close to getting it.

  3. My favorite thing this week has been doing art with Mrs Taylor.We are now doing a new art piece we are drawing cartoon monsters it is awesome.
self mangement
I need to work on Have my head down while working

term 2 goals

To earn my pen licence done

16/5/14 reflection
This term we have so far learnt about water a precious Tonga,
capacity,area, and lots more. I have nearly got my pen lie-sins. I also learnt
that cuboid dose not have to be a perfect sqaure.

14/4/14 reflection

This last week we were doing a explanation about a gadget that we got given. I was working with Cullen and our gadget was the Hole puncher. we were researching ,saying what it looked like, saying what it did and what it dose.Last week we had Eli sharpin and he is an artist that comes every year to do art with the school this year we did a Maori memorial ,cabbage trees ,mountains and trees.


reflection 28/2/14
I have learnt this week about the Median: middle number when arrange in order.Mode:most frequent number,and range:order numbers from lowest to highest
- the number between which all the scores are located.what I need to work on is my math like what is 230 + 770 = 1,000 because I had a test and I got 50/52 because I got those type of questions wrong.

reflection 21.2.14
I learnt this week that you get 23 chromosomes from your mum and 23
chromosomes from our dad and that means you got 46
chromosomes total

Term 1 goals 7 Feb
  • Know my 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 x Tables.
  • look at my x tables and say them out loud. Copy them out and get mum and dad to test me.
  • doing it at home.
  • I know when I have done it when I get 100%.
  • Do it every night for ten minutes.
  • Share my ideas with everyone to help them.
  • Share ideas in a group, partner or with Team 3

Custom Myspace Clock

Reflection 7 Feb

  • I learnt this week that in the olden days when they write they used gold to light it up the letters
  • I learnt being in team 3 is awesome and fun