i am proud of calf club because i got a first and a second
I enjoyed athletics
something i found hard this week was the math times table tests

something i enjoyed was my artwork because this time i knew what to do
something i found hard was the times tables test
something i am proud of is my handwriting because i am getting neater

something I enjoyed was the weekly math test.
something I found hard was the topic work .
something I am really proud of is my clay face.

I learnt more times tables
i enjoyed sport dodge ball
i found hard math quiz's

I am proud of cross country because I got 2nd and I missed some training
my favorite thing was my writing about cross country
the hardest thing was math agabra strategy's

this week I learnt was the difference between common and proper nouns.
I am proud of my art work.
My favorite thing was writing.

this week I learnt an easy trick with my 11 x tables
I am proud of my art work
my favorite thing was the sky tower run.


this week i learnt descriptive writing
I am proud of my handwriting
I knead to improve on my math

this week I persevered with my maths work sheet I felt very proud when I finished
The hardest thing was writing my conclusion for my speech but i finally finished it
my favorite thing was the sport that we did today because we found out what team we were in
I need to work on lisning to the teacher

I have learnt some moari greetings this week.
I am proud of my handwriting.
I have enjoyed the sport that we did.

Friday 9 may
I have enjoyed the golf and the instructors
I learnt Maori from my wonderful teacher Mrs T

something I learnt this week was how to write a explanation
I am very proud of my handwriting
I need to work on my math

Something I have learnt is median,mode and range.
I am proud of is my art.
I need to work on my math a mathamatics.
This week I learnt about genes not the ones you wear.
I loved doing the Illuminated letters.

Term 1 Goals

1.Times Tables

  • practice 5 min each day

  • write them out

  • say them out loud

  • one times table a week

2. care

  • include people in games

  • help people with work in class

  • look after people


Reflection 7 Feb
I liked learning from the flip chart. I went home and told mum all about it.