Week 2 24.10.14
This week i have achieved to tell the time.
I am proud of getting hilly comped

I am proud of making my clay face because it is better then the other one.
I need to work my spelling.

I am proud of making my clay face but i am sad of it caking

I need to work on my spelling
I am proud of doing my long sections
The young skinny tanned boy, who lives at 233 Rich street, likes to ride his black and white
bike to the lolly shop and back home.

I am pored of coming 8th in gross Chauncey and going to north gorp.

I am prod of improving my silbi and sound boxes

I have learnt how to do 11 tims eg 11 times 53 5+3=8 so it will be

Target group

In the afternoon, the mighty, strong Steelers played tackle rugby against Paty in Papakura.

I am proud of my sentence because I did it myself without any help. I expanded it to make a really big sentence.

I need to work on presenting my work neater.
I need to work on my reading

I am proud of my wai store
I acev finshing my wai

My favorite thing was plaing sport because i lent how to play backball
I am proud of my math
I have achieved doing my homework every week
I need to work on my spelling

This week i lent how to play kick ball
I am proud of geting star of the week
I need to work on spalling

This week I learned parlaw line

I really need to make my handing better because it not neet and ever cant read it

Something I found challenging geometry

Term 1 goals

1.I need get better at my handwriting.

.Practices every day for 5 minutes.

.Write 2 sentences out.

.Write abc out every night.

2. Care for my friends

.If they are hurt take them to the sick bay.

.If they have no one to play with I can play with them.

Reflection 7 Feb
I have enjoyed being in room 3.I have learnt lots of things like how to read big numbers
Something I have learnt i have lent what median mode and range.
I need to work on my spelling.
I have achieved in my maths by learning median mode and rage.
something I found challenging is sapling because it is hard to do sibilant in boxs
Soming i have leant lots of thing like how to figer out big nuber in math