This week i enjoyed the production and going to Kelly toltens
i worked hard at the production
im looking forward to green card today

I am proud of my power point.

12-9-14 reflection
i am proud of my clay face bacause i turned out better than last time
my favorite thing that i did this week was art
i need to work on learning my times tables

reflection 5-9-2014
this week I have enjoyed doing my clay face
this week I have learnt that I can do really good sentences if I try
this week I am proud of my long sentences

Today im sick and just finished playing a really cool game on cool maths games its called Fancy Pandas.
I have also done my homework and my maths writing and reading im going on study ladder now and then spelling i cant wait its actually really fun if you stay in your P.J'S.

This week i have enjoyed is writing.
This week i am proud of this week is my long sentences
this week i have found challenging is when the year six's in room 3 had to play the whole of room 2

I enjoyed topic this week
I am proud of myself because I came 10th in cross country
I found maths hard this week

week 4 14-8-2014
something i have enjoyed doing this week was the netball tournament.
something i have found hard this week was the algebra.
something i have learnt is what proper noun and common nouns are.

reflection 1.8.14
i have achieved getting up to squares in maths
i have learnt my 6 and 9 times tables in maths
i have enjoyed my writing when i wrote a story about a pic that i had chosen

Goals for term 3
  • my maths times tables i will work on them 1 or twice a week
  • focus on my work rather then talking
  • get better at learning my spelling words and not forgetting my spelling book

27-2-2014 week 8
i have enjoyed writing my wai water drop story with Rylee and doing the water filtration system with Jordan

my fav thing this week was basket ball
i am proud of moving up the ladder to super
i have achieved getting better at basket ball
the the thing i have found challenging was finishing my water poem

Water cycle poem

Sun heats,
Water evaporates,
Vapour rises,
Clouds absorb,
Rain pours,
Hail falls,
Snow melts,
Droplets pop,
Rivers flow,
Oceans collect,
Sun heats
and it goes on and on again.

(: Written by Jemma Grant (:

Water cycle poem

Shimmering light bulb sun heats the crystal clear river,
Into the cold fresh air bright blue crystal clear water evaporates,
Invisible vapour rises into the soft pink candy floss clouds,
Blue clear water is absorb in some puffy pink candy floss clouds,
The dirty gutters get heavy rain poured into them ,
The strong hurtful hail falls and hits your ankles as you' running into your house for shelter,
Soft fluffy teddy bear snow melts into puddles that you can splash around in,
Shiny droplets fall on the prickly green and brown long grass,
Rivers flow into the shining oceans,
Bright hazel oceans collect the crystal clear water,
and the sun will shine down once more
and it goes on and on
(: Written by Jemma Grant (:

Evaluation of Water Cycle poem
WALT use better words and add detail to our written work
I have used no describing words
I have used some describing words
I have used lots of describing words
No similes
one or two similes I have used 3 similes
More than two similes (3)
The water cycle is out of sequence
Some lines are out of order
My order fits what happens in the water cycle
All my lines start the same way
Some lines start differently
I have used a variety of sentence starters
I have used only short simple sentences
Some sentences are longer
I have extended all my sentences to add detail and create images
I am not happy with my poem
I like some parts of my poem
I feel really proud of my poem

external image nxVtra-ykabwPp2y7gB1yIzPman4O_RoJ8sjF5XPkuOmhHTQj_gUMz4sGZvZYCIzWdDZWWm7QX8rbNFFQWAM-Zp7raNoMEt0ZyzhYivko69GDgnH7l-Tsp_3ICX04VA0nA

13.6.14 week 6
this week i learnt how to play kick ball
im proud of my testing
i need to improve on working faster

4.6.2014 week 5
this week I learnt what at tearniam was
I really enjoyed soccer tournament
something I found challenging was the maths.

Term 2 goals

1. complete my work on time. a great road patrol and per-mediator
3.neater hand-writing
4. focuses more on my work and not talking
5. get my pen license

this week i have persevered with my soccer and trying to get better
my hardest thing this week was getting my speech done in the amount of time we had
my favorite thing this week was going to trees for survive because i was aloud to get dirty yaaaaa!

self management
i need to work on being more reliable

i have compleated no.2 goal from last term

i need to work on my speech
and i got in the news letter.

Reflection 14-04-14
This week I have had fun
with doing my writing with
Olivia writing about a compass.

CAMP Be funky

This is me at Camp Adair having a lot of FUN with my team by myself and with my friends.


Term One Goals For Me
1.Know my times tables off bye heart .
  • Practicing every night for 05 mins.
  • say them 2x each night .
  • Get Mum to test me on them

2.Listen to Mrs T all the time
  • looking at the teacher.
  • no talking at teaching time.
  • get points for listening.

Reflection 07.02.2014

In this 1st two weeks
I have been here in ROOM 3 (TEAM 3)
I have learnt how to use the flip chart. :)

Reflection 21.02.2014

This week i learnt how to do illuminated letters for art

Reflection 28.02.2014

This week I have learnt the mode ,median and range.
I need to work on my mathematics.

Reflection 14.03.2014

This week I have learnt how to
add to 100 in tidy numbers and
I have learnt some more
different graphs
in maths.
and I need to work on getting
my homework in on time