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week 4
The favorite thing was painting my clay art.
The hardest thing was this week was survival because everyone is talking over the person that is talking
This week I am proud of is my time.

week 2 Paraire 24 Oketopa
This week I am proud of my calf club because my goat got champion intermediate goat and reserve champion for leading and calling a raring.

I took a risk in my long jump.

The week I learnt to tell the time because I didn't know how to tell the time.

week 7
my favorite thing was doing my clay art.
I need to work on listing to the teacher.
I am proud of my reading because i have been doing more than I usual do.

My favorite thing was doing my clay work on a face it was very hard with the mouth.
something I need to work on is my sound baoxes

week 6
Something I learnt was Probability means that its certain impossible and likely unlikely.
Something I was proud of my sentences e.g

Jordan Walker the Karaka famous ten year old boy, who has a lot of money seeing all his tiny fans at Eden park playing against Patumahoe tomorrow in second five.

My favorite thing was my art because we got to make funny things with it and smashing it too.

My funniest thing was going into the dark alien truck and watching the movie of lies.

week 5
Something i learnt was my topic that how dolphins form larger schools to defend themselves.

The hardest thing was finding my research for my story.

I was proud of my cross country but I came 16 because my heart was pumping 1 thousands per second but I tried and never gave up and did the cross country.
This week I learnt doubling and solving
I was really pleased with my art work.
This week i have solved number machines in algebra.

week 2
Something I have learnt was my maths that a trick for working out my 11 and 9 times tables
example 11 times 12 is 132.
My favorite thing was doing my art cup because I love making it colorful things and designing stuff.
The hardest thing was doing my maths because at the start it was hard but
But then I got it after a few minutes

My goals for term 3
I'm trying to get 100% on my homework.
Work on my reading by reading slowly and careful and getting mum to ask question to me.

27.6.14 my reflection week 8
My favorite thing was writing my story.
I am proud of my mid year report.
I have achieve getting to super
The thing i felt challenging was subtration stander written form
I need to work on being ready for the morning

20.6.14 my reflection week 7
My favorite thing was learning how to do skills at basketball.
I am proud of myself when I got 10/10
I have achieve my art.
The thing I felt challenging was doing my standard written form
I need to work on being on task.

This week I learnt to play netball because iv never played it.
I am proud of reading because in sometimes I get confused but I carny on
T need to work on improving my maths.

This week I learnt what a tereimen does.
I really enjoyed going to the soccer tournament because I never gave up
Something I felt challenging was doing my maths

Book review
freak street
in this book the wizards are trying to destroy a giant and going though lots of dragons and trying to get past lots of dragons

week 3
something I have achieve
something I have learnt that one day you could of been drinking a dinosaur pee.
something I need to work on next is my spelling

week 7
I have a achieved my reading
Something that I challenging was doing my decimals because I've never done this work sheet before.
14 April
Something that I have achieve this week is
My Maths.
Some thing I need to work on at is my maths

14th March
My favorite thing was doing my illuminated letter.

28.2.14 My reflection
Somethings I learnt this week was inference in reading.
I am proud of my hand writing for keeping my words on the line.
I have achieved rounding to the nearest ten on maths.

I need to work on joining words on handwriting.