Reflection 7.11.14
I'm proud of my op art cube that I did because I thought it
looked awesome and it didn't take long at all.

My favourite thing this was the survival writing because I
thought it was really fun and

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Reflection 24.10.14
I'm proud of my calf club art, indoor arrangements
and project because I got something for each thing
which I thought was really awesome.

My favourite thing this week was calf club because
I thought all the art in the classes looked really cool
also the animals and the things in the event center.

This week I learnt how to do some sign language
actions and I thought it was really fun.

Reflection 19.9.14
I'm proud of my recipe for writing piece because
I think I put lots of descriptive words and detail also
I did show no tell on it too.

My favourite thing this week was my whale power
point because I got to share it with the class and I
thought it sounded really good.

This week I learnt how to see if a number goes into
a bigger number like if 2 can go into 268 if the last
number s an even number 2 can go into it.

Reflection 12.9 14
I'm proud of of my art because I thought I did
better this time it was faster for me to do it
because I knew what I had to do.

My favourite thing this week was writing the
because we got to try a new style of writing called
recipe for writing.

This week I learnt how to do remainders for maths
but I thought it was a bit tricky at start but I got
it afterwards.

Reflection 5.9.14
I'm proud of my whale story that I did with Grace
because I think it sounded awesome and it had lots
of descriptive words in it.

My favourite thing this week was doing the clay faces because
we got to make them look funny and mix their faces up but
everybody's faces cracked.

This week I learnt about probability and the chance of it happening
and not happening also how to write it in fractions.

Reflection 29.8.14
My favourite thing this week was going to Life Ed and
going into the room where we met Harold The Giraffe.

This week I learnt how to do algorithms with times tables
and also use appositives in sentences and who to describe
more about the person.

I'm proud of my long sentence:
The young little girl, who lives down
Saddleton Road in a 2 story house,
loves to walk her golden retriever named
Cocoa to Clarks Beach early in the
morning while everyone’s fast asleep.

Reflection 14.8.14
My favourite thing this week was starting our topic research because
I found out lots of things I didn't know and I thought it was interesting
This week I learnt about writing different and better sentence starters, like
like starting with where and then the verb and noun and also starting with
a ing word then the noun.
Term 3 Goals
1. My goal is to get 10/10 on every spelling test
- Look Say Cover Write Check
- Bring my notebook home each night and ask
mum or dad to test me

2. My goal is to try to get 1

Reflection 20.6.14
My favorite thing this week was doing art
with Mrs Taylor because we had to draw
different shaped cups.

I am proud of my poem because I put a lot
of effort into it and detail too.

The thing I found challenging was
doing maths because I learnt how to do
algorithm and I thought it was a bit tricky.

Water Cycle

On the clear shimmering river the golden sun is brightly shining
The colossal blue ocean is calm and peaceful
The invisible vapor floats and hovers to form a fluffy white candyfloss cloud
A small delicate flake freezes from a drop of clear water
The pale soft snow slowly drifts onto a cold icy mountain
The river flows quickly making a gentle trickling sound into the massive blue Ocean
The bright orange burning sun shines like a massive light bulb
And so the cycle repeats again and again

Written By Julia
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Reflection 13.6.14
This week I learned how to say colours in Maori like
pango is black and poroporo is purple.

I really enjoyed P.E because we got to play fun games
and sports like kick ball and netball

Something I felt challenging is doing

Reflection 6.6.14
This week I learned different angles such as right angle,
acute and obtuse.

I really enjoyed the soccer tournament because It was
fun trying to get the goals in and we won 3 matches
on Thursday.

Something I found challenging was soccer because it was
hard losing and some teams were really competitive

Book Review 27.5.14
Tom Gate books are funny, have really good illustrations
and are easy to read. There are 6 books and one of them
I've been reading is Tom Gates Excellent Excuses (And
other good stuff). I rate this book out of 5 a 4.5 out of 5
Term 1 Goals
1. My goal is to learn all my times tables.
- By practicing everyday for 10 minutes
- Asking my parents to help test me
- Saying them over and over again when I remember
I've learnt my times tables up to 8 and I still
need to do the rest.
2. My Goal is to improve my reading
- By reading every night for 10 to 15 minutes
- Reading to my sister
- Reading the book continuously and not slowing
down that often
Now I don't stop that often when I'm reading and
I'm reading more books then before.

Term 2 Goals
1. My goal is to finish learning all my times tables
- Practicing 3 times a week
- Look at them and learn it then cover it up

2. My goal is to get faster at typing on the computer
- Go on dancemat typing at least 4 times a week
- Try and use all my fingers

Reflection 23 May
This week I persevered with golf because I was
trying to hit the ball more far and stronger.

The hardest thing was trying to do my speech
because I was stuck on my conclusion.

My favorite thing was soccer because I thought
it was fun and it made my dribbling better when I

Reflection 7 Feb
I learnt that you can find out if you
can divide a number into 3's or 5's last week.

And I enjoyed having art on Wednesday's with
Mrs Taylor.

Reflection 21 Feb
I learnt that you get 23 chromosomes from
your mum and same as your dad that means
you have 46 altogether.

Reflection 28 Feb
I've learnt how to see the average of the numbers
by adding all of the numbers and dividing it by how
much groups of numbers there are.

And something I need to work on is my syllables
and boxes for spelling.

Reflection 14 Mar
I learnt about decimals and that the tenths
are bigger then the hundredths and thousandths

And I enjoyed drawing patterns and different lines
with Mrs Taylor

Reflection 14 April
I learnt how to write a explanation
and draw 3D houses with parallel

And I enjoyed drawing a landscape
with Eli Sharplin.

Reflection 9 May
I learnt how to say some greetings
and language in Maori

And I enjoyed learning skills for
soccer at P.E

Reflection 16 May
I learnt that you have to times the
height, width and length to get the
capacity or volume.

And I enjoyed doing golf on