reflection 24.10.14
something i need to work is my times tables which are my 7,8.9 and 12
something i found challenging this week was doing all the test
something i found fun this week was doing athletics in sport.

reflection week 8
something I have enjoyed this week is : was making our clay faces for the second time i think my face came out a lot better then my first one
something I have found challenging was : trying to to my math and the subway
something i need to work on is : putting more puncuation.

something i found challenging this week was trying to do my topic work.
something i enjoyed this week was playing tea ball for sport.
something I am really proud of this week was making my clay face but sadly they started to crack so we had to break them.

29.8.14 reflection week 6
something i have enjoyed this week was : doing all the math
Something i have found challenging was : doing sport when all the year 6's in rm 3 had to play against all of rm 2
something i am really proud of was making my long sentences

My best friend Brooklyn Saga has a very great sense of humor , who lives in Belfast on fifty six Sparkle street in Ireland , she love to hang out with me but ever since she moved to Belfast we can't really hang out anymore.

week 4 14.8.14
something I have enjoyed this week is doing is doing algebra in maths .
something I have found challenging this week is doing putting my punctuation in my sentences for writing
something I have learnt this week was how to know the difference between proper noun and a common noun

week 2 1.8.14
I need to work: Putting my punctuation in my writing
Something i am proud of this week is : doing a great job in my art
something that i learnt this week was: to do square rots in maths
something i enjoined this week was: doing netball in PE

21.7.14 goal
1. try get my pen licence
2. practice my punctuation more

i have enjoyed this week is doing writing with Chrizanti about wai the water drop.

my fav thing this week : doing std written form in math
i am proud of : is my water cycle poem that we did in writing
i have achieved :i got 10/10 in my spelling
the thing i have found challenging is: doing the ,maths and getting all the language right



the water cycle
sun heats
water evaporates
vapour risesclouds floats
droplets fall
ocean collects
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTsxMf_PiZiX2F0-vOo6psz6VvqDI3RYcnEAFH9EoTx9z5By_FC
rivers flow
lakes reflect
rain pours

and it goes on and on

the water cycle

At clarks beach the blinding sun shines on the sparkling sea

the marshmellow like clouds make the water from the bright sea evaporate.

the invisible vapour floats upwards to the snow coloured clouds.

A balloon in the air floats around like the icey cold cload.

sparkling blue droplets fall straight down to the ground.

The big blue bouldering waves crash down on the sparkling sand.

The dirty river water flows all the way down thestream.

The dark mud like lake glistens when the bright gold sun reflects on the mucky lake.

The heavy blue rain drop splat on the brown muddy concrete.
The sun…….
and it goes on and on

Evaluation of Water Cycle poem
WALT use better words and add detail to our written work
I have used no describing words
I have used some describing words
I have used lots of describing words
No similes
one or two similes (3)
More than two similes
The water cycle is out of sequence
Some lines are out of order
My order fits what happens in the water cycle
All my lines start the same way
Some lines start differently
I have used a variety of sentence starters
I have used only short simple sentences
Some sentences are longer
I have extended all my sentences to add detail and create images
I am not happy with my poem
I like some parts of my poem
I feel really proud of my poem
this week I learnt..... how to play kick ball.
I am proud of...... is doing my reading activities.
I need to work on improving..... my maths.

my book is called dork diaries
in this book there are five mean characters and there names are Nikki ,Zoe, Chloe, Mackenzie and Brandon
this book is about a new girl which here name is Nikki and she has a really hard time at her new school because she is getting bulled by a girl named Mackenzie and she likes this boy named Brandon and they have to do a days charity wook

my goals are
1.To try and get my pen licence
2.try and go up a group in spelling

my term one goals where to go up a group in maths
and to come first in one of my swimming races
and I did go up a group in my maths and
I can first in my backstroke at swimming.

This week I have persevered with....
The hardest thing was... Doing my maths sheet but I completed it in the end and I was proud of my self
My favorite thing was... Doing soccer and learning new styles
Self management
I need to work on... not getting distracted in my work and listen to the teacher

I think something i did well is doing my handwriting on the line and linking
I think something i need to work on in class is listing to the teacher and ask more questions
I think something that we did that was fun was doing a debate and going to golf.

14.4.14 reflection
I think something i have done well this term is completing my homework
something I need to work on is my is doing better in my maths and stay focuses on my work
something I learnt this week is how to do a number line two different ways.

something I have learnt is what median mode and range stands for
Something I am most proud of my art
I need to work on is to learn my decimals in my maths

this is me at Camp Adair
1 in the first photo we are sitting around the camp fire singing songs
2 in the second photo that is a sign at the entrance of the camp
3 in the third photo that is me walking across the posties walk it was so much fun
in the forth photo I am climbing up the ladder to get to the posties walk
in the firth photo i am going down the mud slide it was so fun
in the sixth photo we are taking a photo at huna falls.

14/03/2014 my reflection
Something I have found challenging is trying to do decimals because I didn't get the hang of it but I think I have know

something I have achieved is doing my reading and trying to finish my work before the bell goes.

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I loved doing art because I love doing art but I also loved art because I learnt
something new about art and that is illuminated letters and I loved it.