Fractions, Decimals and ratios

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Johnnie's Maths page
Math fractions Lots of activities here


Watch these videos to learn how to work out multiplication and learn your times tables

Multiplication games

fun brain multiplication

Math play multiplication games

Cool Maths mult/div games

Cool Maths

Studyladder Scroll down to find Number activities at Green level
Practise your basic facts and add/sub here

ixl mathsScroll down to Number activities at year 5 or year 6 level

mathzlinks A great site with links to other sites Use stages 4,5,6

math is fun All sorts of Maths activities

speed maths Beat your time on basic facts

cool maths splat

Mr nussbaum maths

primary maths

BGFL maths

Hooda maths

Invaders mult/div

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Learning games for kids
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