Term 4

Geometry- Symmetry

create symmetry art

woodlands school - symmetry

amazing symmetry activities


telling time

woodlands telling time activities

time for time games

time for time interactive

Term 3


Johnnies maths page

Probability fair


ixl maths Look for patterns and sequences at grade 5 or 6

algebra problems

algebra puzzle

ixl maths Look here for geometry activities
geometry shape activities
Math play - geometry shape games

Measurement- Linear,perimeter, area, weight, volume/capacity- term 1/2
Studyladder Scroll down to find measurement activities at Green level,

ixl maths Scroll down to measurement activities at year 5 level
math is funAll sorts- all maths strands covered here

external image New-Measurement-Challenges.jpg
external image New-Measurement-Challenges.jpg

funbrain maths measurement activities
johnnies maths page length
johnnies maths page mass and volume
cool mathsmeasurement games

weight and length game

Statistics- Data Handling Term 1

Make a graph create pictographs, pie charts, line and bar graph

Mean and modecalculate mean and mode of a set of numbers
external image 05data-changes-pie-chart.png
external image 05data-changes-pie-chart.png

interpret graphs Interpret graphs to find mean and mode

ixl maths Scroll down to Data, charts and graphs for a selection of activities

math is fun A variety of Maths Strands presented here

Problem solving activities
NZ maths
abc teach

All strands
math is fun All sorts- all maths strands covered here